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Strategic planning is our first priority with clients.


We help clients establish distinct priorities and set actionable and measurable goals.

With the priorities and goals outlined, we help craft a strategic plan that outlines specific activities that combine the mission and meaningful work of the client with our expertise in the legislative process, the policy climate and current initiatives. We also identify new partners and potential Hill allies that are most likely to assure the activities yield cogent and measurable results.


Finally, we execute every client’s plan with precision, assessing as we go and adapting activities when necessary to achieve the desired results.


Summary of Services:


Capitol Hill "fly-ins"

Designing and managing briefings and events

Development research and strategy 

Developing integrated communications plans 

Drafting federal or state legislation

Drafting testimony

Explaining policy making and politics to new advocates


Legislative and regulatory analysis

Media strategy and outreach 

Monitoring and reporting on policy activity

Negotiating bill language 

Policy and advocacy training

Securing meetings with policy makers

Strategic messaging

Strategic planning


Areas of Expertise:

Accountability and Assessment in K-12 Education


Career and Technical Education

Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention


Early Childhood Home Visiting

Early Learning  

Education Choice and Reform

Family Economic Stability

Family Engagement

Higher Education

Social Services

Special Education

Teacher Training and Professional Learning

Workforce Development

"Advocates play a dynamic role in policy making and we understand their capacity to influence the process for good."

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