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New Strategy Firm Stride Policy Solutions

Experienced Education and Family Policy Experts Launch New Strategy Firm Stride Policy Solutions Will Advance Children, Adults and Families

Washington, DC (November 13, 2018)

Laura W. Kaloi and Kuna Tavalin have combined their expertise to create Stride Policy Solutions, a consulting firm aimed at advancing the education and well-being of children, adults and families through strategic public policy and integrated communications.

Kaloi and Tavalin have a combined track record of government and public affairs success in education and social services policy with a specific focus on equity, poverty and opportunity. Throughout her two-decade career, Kaloi has successfully influenced PreK-16 education, career and technical education, health and disability laws. With a policy foundation that started in the U.S. Senate, Tavalin is a known expert in appropriations and authorizing laws with accomplishments in raising families out of poverty through two-generation programs including family literacy, home visiting, early education and more. Together, they work to advance the missions of clients whose organizations target issues touching individuals from early childhood through K-16 education and into adulthood with a focus on education, literacy, social services, self-sufficiency and more.

Laura Kaloi, partner in Stride Policy Solutions commented, “Advocates play a dynamic role in policy making and we understand their capacity to influence the process for good. Stride Policy Solutions was borne out of a shared commitment and passion for the missions of clients who strive to raise families out of poverty, promote equity in education, and advance opportunities that lead to prosperity. We help clients deftly strategize and navigate the process in order to generate policy wins so that children, adults and families can thrive. We are excited about what lies ahead.”

About Stride Policy Solutions

We develop creative policy and advocacy solutions that strengthen the education and wellbeing of children, adults and families. Familiar with local, state and federal governmental systems, we collaborate with clients who share our vision to advance equity, promote opportunity and generate self-sustainability so that every person can thrive.



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